Monday, March 12, 2007

New Box, Old Box

What's in a box? Why do Crowley and Tripp obsess over the particular container for their studio microphone line?

Nobody knows, really, it's just that way.

The vertical storage scheme isn't to keep ribbons from sagging since they aren't going to sag anyway. There is a certain missile silo aspect to these boxes, ready for launch, or, a vague similarity to an old commode that has been pointed out.

But the reason for this post is to introduce a new box, from a new manufacturer. We don't make boxes, we buy them. Our first US based box manufacturer was pretty good and made some incredibly nice boxes, but the supply chain was a long one and there was a constant issue with finishes. Now we have found a much closer box maker and the new box is inour opinion stronger and more stylish, even nautical in flavor, than the old one. Space for a small binnacle or a new Studio Vocalist.

Zoom in and see the finger joints all up and down the corners. Finger joints are very strong and assure that the box will stay together for a very long time.


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Yes, cool site, very informative. I recommend it. Did you know that a pair of Recordists can go straight into a field recorder and sound great? Or your I/O.