Friday, March 09, 2007

On Air with the EV-635a

If you have been reading along you may have noticed snide remarks about Electrovoice. The V1 ribbon was an EV mic that I thought was particularly bad. But not all of EV product fail the microphonium lab standards: the EV-635a is one I use very frequently as an on-air ham radio mic, hooked up to my Johnson Viking Valiant transmitter, shown in the background. The Valiant is capable of producing a healthy 100 Watt hi fi AM signal that can be heard over the Northeast on frequencies around 3885 KHz and 1940 KHz.

Lots of these mics exist and many are in use as ENG mics because they are extremely rugged and resistant to moisture. Like most vocal dynamics, designers have tilted the response upward to enhance articulation, and provided a series of blast filters to collect spit and hopefully eliminate plosives. The '635 has a somewhat hard and blocky sound, not very useful for music in my opinion, but good where you need voice punch, so you can be heard, and understood.

Click on the image for a very high resolution view of the unusual and slightly weird non slip finish.


Anonymous said...

Yes the RE20 sounds blocky and is a style piece.

Anonymous said...

a crap mic the re20