Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19th is Patriot's Day

At least it is here in Massachusetts, and in Maine, to commemorate the beginning of The American Revolution, when a bunch of successful business people and thought leaders decided it was time to stop paying punitive taxes to the King of England. British Redcoats arrived in Boston and began a march on April 18th to quell the rebellious colonists, and Paul Revere got on his horse to ride North from Boston through Medford and down into Lexington to warn the local militia, a collection of farmers and others who sided with the revolutionaries. The next morning, April 19th, the colonists confronted the Redcoats, muskets blared, and the Revolutionary War began.

Paul Revere is known for his role in that event and as an important industrialist who owned several manufacturing operations producing metal objects, tin sheet, copper sheet, and wire - all subject to various English taxes in one way or another. Here is a famous portrait of Paul the silversmith, a fine craft he was trained in. Revere silver is incredibly valuable today and the quality is easy to discern. But Revere spent most of his time running growing businesses in Boston and outlying areas, and on the banks of the Charles River in what is now Watertown Square. All just a stone's throw from where Crowley and Tripp and Co. hammer stainless steel, copper and silver into ribbon microphones today.

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