Monday, April 23, 2007

Recordist Update

The popularity of the Recordist and Recordist Ensemble Stereo kit surprised us - we had no idea of how many classical recordings were waiting for Blumlein nor did we anticipate the fast growth of high quality portable field recorders. Some of these new recorders do such a great job that they are replacing other high quality systems only a few years old.

Battery life is the limiting factor now that storage cards exceeding 4 GB are available at reasonable cost, so recordists are getting long recording times when phantom power isn't needed.

Herb Singleton of Cross Spectrum labs stopped in today to say hi and drop off a couple of mics that he tested, and soon (promise) we will have a data sheet for the Recordist Ribbon mic like all the rest of the Crowley and Tripp line. Herb confirms the strict formal symmetry of this mic and we asked him to measure a collection of mics all at once so we can put them in context.

Users are reporting excelllent results with this setup so I am very pleased with the result, and happy that I will get more free music to listen to.


sunflute said...

Nice Picture Bob,

Do the Recordist Ensemble mics have the same level of performance as the higher end models like the Proscenium?

Thank you,

sunflute said...

They look like a different version of the Naked Eye......

Anonymous said...

Recordist Ensemble Stereo kit

Bob Crowley said...

Yes the Recordist and Naked Eye use the same housing and mount. These two mics are fundamentally different though, with the Naked Eye being an asymmetrical design vs the Recordist with a strict symmetrical acoustic response.

The Recordist is an excellent mic and has a slightly extended top relative to Naked Eye.

The Proscenium has a heavy solid stainless steel housing and is a larger mic. The lifetime warranty and the design lifetime of 50+ years means that it will probably outlast us. The double shielded transformer is mounted 90 degrees from the long axis of the body to further reduce RF and hum. The Proscenium is made one by one and each one is directly supervised by Bob and Hugh, who sign the Directions for Use that come with each Proscenium. Every Proscenium, Soundstage Image and Studio Vocalist is completely documented and fussed over with a unique serial and build number and kept on file for future reference should there ever be need for a repair or replacement.

The level of performance is different in all the different mics. The Proscenium still has the most vintage sound of all the mics we make, and the Recordist has more of a neutral sound as its function indicates. The Proscenium has a certain sound of its own that we like that might be described as robust, big, warm, articulate, fluid and clean.

The Recordist is neutral and clean sounding, with excellent definition, and the expansive sound expected of a figure 8 mic.

Anonymous said...

I have used this setup all over New York with superb results. I will be looking for another set eventually.