Thursday, April 19, 2007

Web tracks using Naked Eye

Here is a link to Emusician where there are a bunch of links to test tracks done using the Naked Eye. Check out the hammond, and the guitar through the Fender bassman. Listening to these makes me feel very good.

Put on your headphones.

And in particular, compare the first two tracks where an AEA R84 is used as a comparison. This is one of the best little examples of what we have been talking about for a long time with respect to definition in recorded sound.

Sharp Central Core

Although Naked Eye obviously has plenty of highs in that recording, note what we call "high articulation" when compared to the other mic in the test. Naked Eye still has that blending and smoothing action up close the guitar cabinet, but Naked Eye maintains its sharp central core, and doesn't sound masked, or veiled. The result is a satisfying sound.

That's the difference in all of our ribbon mics actually. Having that definition and high articulation reduces dependency on what I think is the artificially hyped, hissy, tizz sound from many (nearly all) condenser mics. What we once called "sparkle" in the forgiving days of tape and limited dynamic range, sounds harsh, and even ridiculous, in the nearly ubiquitous digital domain.

Uvula Fan

I like the uvula and epiglottis as much as the next person, but I'm not sure I need to hear tonsils rattling.
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Anonymous said...

The inside of the AEA R84 I have taken apart and that is what the veiled sound is. There is a viel inside of that mic to protect the capsule, but it sounds it.