Sunday, May 20, 2007

Music Break: Producer Tarek Madkour

Check out Tarek's studio here. Below is an excerpt from Tarek's excellent website.

Tarek Adel Madkour, born in Cairo (May 22nd, 1967) with a passion in music made his father bring a piano teacher to teach him the basics. In primary school, the music room was the place where you can usually find him all day long.

At the age of sixteen, he created his first band with his friends, named "The Hummers", playing different genres including rock and pop in nightclubs and gigs, two years later, he played with the most famous Egyptian band at that time, "Les Petits chats", which brought out many talented musicians like "Hany Shenouda", "Ezzat Abo Ouf" and "Omar Khayrat". Madkour played on keyboard and he was the youngest member of the band.

Fat'hy Salama (the famous Egyptian producer), used to tutor Madkour in the area of music composing and producing. He gave Madkour the chance to work on a song for "Amr Diab" in 1984, entitled "Ya Leila", and then "Eish Hal", this was Amr Diab's first album and it was a hit.

In 1988, he traveled to USA to study more about western music, he also got his engineering degree in architectonics.

Another big step in his life was in 1989 when he produced a song for the Egyptian super star "Mohamed Mounir" in a song written by "Abd Al Rahman Al Abanody" and composed by "Kamal Altaweel". It was a challenge to work with such big names in his early career.

In 1994, Tarek was contracted by Roland Japan to incorporate the oriental samples in the company's first oriental keyboard, the E40, which became a best seller the middle east region.

Tarek Madkour now is one of the most important producers and songwriters in the Arabic region, he has changed Arabic music's look and feel by incorporating the eastern magic with western beats in a unique way, inducing him as the standard partner in every mega-hit during the 90s and up to this moment.

Working with the most famous Arabic super stars like Amr Diab, Mohamed Mounir, Mustafa Amar, Samira Said, Hisham Abbas, Nancy Ajram, and many others, Madkour's music has won several World Music Awards in addition to many local and regional achievements. He has also introduced new talents to the industry like Mohamed Hamaki.

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