Saturday, May 05, 2007

Philco Predicta

Here is a shot of your bloggist checking out a Philco Predicta TV at a motel somewhere in New Hampshire. The Predicta was unusual since the guts were mounted within the countertop and only the protruding CRT, which swiveled, was exposed. Hotel rooms were sometimes equipped with these with the idea of preventing TV thieves from making off with Zenith and Magnavox consoles inside the bed linens.

Things haven't changed that much. Now they give you a TV worth about $16 and charge $9.95 for wifi.

Photo taken previously.


Anonymous said...

this reminds my of my uncle's Predicta which unfortunately my aunt threw out when she moved. a striking and unusual set. They did not look like anything else.

by the way in honor of the upcoming chladni day
A father/son team from England claims to have decoded the stone carvings in Roslyn Chapel in Scotland. The coded message is music and leads one to the possible conclusion that Chladni patterns were known before Chladni. If that is so it make one wonder what else was known to the ancients? N1IPP

Anonymous said...

Is that YOU Bob? Cute!