Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Soup Kitchen - Tape Op Con 2007 - Tucson

Last year I had some kind of mental block and kept calling the TapeOp Con Potluck Studio "The Soup Kitchen". Strange.

Here is a shot of the scene and what it probably will look like again in a couple of weeks. Attendees are hearing about various gear and microphone combinations, and finer points about mic placement, ambiance, and tone as I recall.

Tape Op Con is a great meeting, a real meeting and not just a bunch of gear sellers (although we are there too!) and a true learning environment. Once again it is being held at the el Conquistador resort in Tucson, which is a golf type resort! Some of the people who were used to New Orleans thought that the el Conquistador was a little too corporate, and admittedly the appearance of various recording types in their all-black garb in the Arizona desert was a trifle dissonant. But in the end everyone had a good time, someone threw Fletcher into the pool, the powerful (and needed) air conditioning froze everyone nicely, and now it's on again, June 8, 9 and 10th.

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