Saturday, May 05, 2007

Two Bad Horns and a Hammer Drill

This Spring's NEARFest electronics and ham radio flea market was held at Deerfield, NH, which is mecca to the terminally nerdy hams.

I usually pick up 60s vintage transistor radios and XLR connectors by the bunch, but not this year. For some reason these two horn outdoor PA speakers caught my attention. That one in the back is a biggie. The exponential horn is an easy to understand acoustic matching device, patterned after the ear, which also matches sound energy and directs it into the aural canal.

The horn is penetrating and loud.. They can sound very bad, yet be very effective in getting the message out. Not all horns produce poor audio, and there are some famously successful speakers by Klipsch that are great sounding and take about a half a watt to drive.

An impulse buy, destined to blast lo-fi audio at high SPLs in the lab, or perhaps towards the Fisher Cat that lives in the backyard..

The hammer drill is a powerful, percussive device for drilling concrete. This one is a Hilti, which is a highly touted brand, noted for its robust capabilities. One could say that the hammer drill is a low frequency, high excursion one-note transducer, and that the drill is a straight transmission line the delivers the alternating axial force to its tip.

Some more about horn loudspeakers at enjoy the

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Anonymous said...

Sweet hammer drill though- try that thing on the fisher cat. -CR