Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Boxes O' Naked Eyes

This is what a bunch of Naked Eye ribbon microphones look like on the final inspection table where I and others give them the final scrutiny.

This is well AFTER they have been thoroughly checked electrically and acoustically. Sometimes during the handling of the mics a little scratch or something like a fuzzy bit of wood or other minor blemish gets in, and so that's where I come in to disrupt everything, finding the most minute specks and driving everyone here crazy. Yesterday we did a bunch of these and I noticed a tiny speck on one of the bodies, and that required some work on the microscope to fix - perfectly. Naked Eye may cost less but it receives no less care than any mics made at Crowley and Tripp. Each one is carefully made here using hand built methods combined with years of experience in making precision medical devices - medical products that must be good, or else!

Naked Eye is made right here, in Ashland Massachusetts, USA, between Boston and Worcester.

Go for the good stuff.

Crowley and Tripp no ka oi!


craig said...

Do you ever use your mics on HF?

Bob Crowley said...


On hf I look for a harder, penetrating sound which I get with an EV635 on AM, and a one dollar electret on SSB. Both of these modes tend to have lots of noise, heterodynes and other crap and very limited dynamic range, also they are listened to using receivers with very limited bandwidth, so just about any mic, properly EQed, will do.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I got these when they were available and not the royer