Friday, June 29, 2007

Celebrate Chladni Day! - June 29th

click on the image to see how Hugh Tripp Celebrated Chladni's work with an experiment you can do yourself!

Here is a nice portrait of young Dr. Chladni with a rather pleasant look unlike the oft-published late portrait showing him in an old coat and a ragged haircut.

I have devoted many posts to Chladni, a great but lesser-known scientist who elucidated many of the fundamental principles of sound propagation, and in doing so set the stage for quantum theory, the idea of forbidden or restricted modes, resonances, and also in other areas, such as astrophysics.

Chladni was the first serious scientist to show, with certaintly, that meteorites are of extraterrestrial origin. The discoveries and work of Chladni are very pertinent to our quest for superb sound. They show that the way ribbon mics, condensers mics and like physically move in response to sound is responsible for most of the timbre, tone, dynamics and other characteristics that we hear and either like or dislike.

And it supports our assertion that the principle of restricted modes works in favor on the ribbon mic, and against the tympanic condenser.

Here is a link to more about Chladni, who is celebrated on this day, June 29th, here in Massachusetts, and also in Maine and Puerto Rico.


Anonymous said...

There may have been some ancient work that preceded Chladni. There is a chapel in Scotland that some believe is decorated in Chladni like codified music. Some believe that these truths from Chladni were known by some of the Masons and Knights Templar. However, Chladni is remembered as the one that put acoustics on the mathematical basis that we know now and for that we are thankful. All Hail Chladni!!! N1IPP

Bob Crowley said...

Even the Greeks knew of sound propagation and vibrations.

Chladni nailed it though!

Celebrate Chladni Day with oscillations, harmonic motions, undulations and forbidden modes!