Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chris Regan at AES Vienna

Here's a shot we got from the recent AES meeting in Vienna, Austria, where product manager Chris Regan did three or four straight days of demos of Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphones.

The candelabra arrangement is a handy and relatively portable setup that holds the mics by a locking base mechanism designed and built by Hugh Tripp, who comes up with these types of things on a daily basis, it seems. A low noise switch selects the various mics so visitors can hear the difference in tone color and pattern that make up the Crowley and Tripp line of voiced, purposeful ribbon microphones.

That candelabra has some miles on it now, and from the look of this picture, Chris did too, probably an early morning shot several time zones away from Boston-normal we are used to..

AES Europe is a great show for us even though it is relatively small, and this year's location, near Germany, helped firm up sales in that country and others, where we are doing quite well, thank you.

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