Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fresca-Tenna Field Day

Yesterday was "Field Day", the annual event where the old hams go out with radios, generators, and plenty of beer and food to places to play radio and talk with other "field dayers" who are at parks, mountaintops, and unusual locations around the globe.

The idea is to be able to get out and communicate in the event of some sort of emergency, and in particular, if a war breaks out. That's why the US government and other governments tend to protect the hams and their incredibly valuable spectrum space, just in case they need it, because they can take it all back with one order. This is true in virtually every country on earth. So hams are "holding the frequencies" so to speak, until some bigger need arises. It's a fair deal because spectrum is so costly and valuable and people like me who like to experiment with communications, antennas, audio and electronics have a place to do it, at no charge.

The Fresca cans and wires were my field day antenna. I talked to a guy in Hawaii on two Frescas and drank the contents too. From my own backyard. No need to go to the park. I imagined the invisible waves spreading out over the earth from just my tiny spot, yet able to be heard thousands of miles away in just a few milliseconds, and they don't stop there - they keep going into space, where they are still traveling.

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Anonymous said...

crowley you drinkk too much of that drink which is filled with chemicals why not try beer?