Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Naked Eye and Soundstage Image on Piano

Even though figure 8 mics can be hard to use on piano, and small diaphragm condensers such as Earthworks and others have appropriate accuracy and small aperture for the difficult area under the lid, so to speak, along comes someone who tries a couple of Crowley and Tripp ribbon mics on piano.

New sounds and ways of presenting sounds require an open ear and open mind. I like smoothness and lack of harshness, which is why I prefer the admittedly mellow sound of ribbon mics in many applications, and while I haven't been such a strong advocate of the use of, say, Naked Eye on grand piano, the samples linked here at least make me open my ears a little more.

Take a listen here.

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Anonymous said...

is that a woodpecker shootout if so why would they have a naked ete