Thursday, June 07, 2007

STC Commentator's Ribbon Mic from Larry Killip

Here's a great shot of Larry's new (old) STC (Coles) Commentator's mic designed for close talking broadcast applications. This is probably one of the most unusual ribbon mics ever made, as it has a ribbon mounted in such a way that you talk across it. The STC Commentator's mic is also designed to eliminate wind noise. That bar is the "lip" bar you hold against your handlebar mustache during the cricket match.

I haven't seen one recently and forgot how large it is - the last one I saw in person was at the Royal Birkdale Country Club near Blackpool England. I was there with my dad when he played golf in the Carling World Open held there in 1966. It made a big impression and I never forgot it.

Larry writes:

"I've tried it briefly but couldn't get much out of it at first try which didn't make sense as it looks fine. I'll check if the XLR is wired correctly, or the other possibility is perhaps the ribbon connections have corroded a little. it arrived on my doorstep this morning, and the first thing I did was take the cover off!! There's a wee little transformer in the handle. Won't take much to suss it."

July 19, 2007: I see there is a story still up on ABC Australia about this mic. Link here.

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Anonymous said...

These old british ribbon mics were often only about 30ohms output impedance, this one is no level will be very low unless I have the correct input interface. Ribbon reads .4ohm which is probably about right so I think that's ok. If I get it up and running I shall report back.