Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tape Op Side Trip to Carlsbad NM - Legendary Metal Hunt

It's a long drive but a short flight to Carlsbad NM where I intend to take a little side trip during TapeOpCon 2007 this year. It turns out there is an antique store there with "space junk" that I want to check out.

A lot of people know that although I do not put much credence in UFOs, alien abductions and the like, I am a listener of fellow ham radio operator Art Bell, who has on occasion interviewed two people who have bits of material alleged to be from the UFO crash site in Roswell NM. What intrigues me about these 1996 interviews (transcripts of program click here) is the combination of poor observation mixed with some astounding details. Just enough to have stuck in my mind over the last ten years or so.
Naturally, any new metal, especially a super lightweight, strong alloy that could be used for, say, an indestructible and ultrasensitive ribbon microphone, (for example!!) is something we'd want to know more about! We have been experimenting with some pretty exotic composites and alloys ourselves, done a lot of work with superstrong carbon nanotubes and polymers since the mid-90s, and have even named one "Roswellitetm" in honor of the legendary supermaterial found at Roswell. These are a few of Soundwave Research Laboratory's proprietary technologies, such as SuperMattertm advanced materials.. Last year at Tape Op I could not get a meeting to see the so called "space junk" but did manage to get to Tombstone to visit my pal Steve, who owns a small plane - good enough to make it to Carlsbad.

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