Monday, July 09, 2007

Behringer Fined One Million Dollars for failing to test and report on product RF emissions

A fine of $1,000,000 US has been levied against Behringer, the well known discount gear manufacturer, for failing to comply with FCC Part 15 regulations. Link here.

The FCC found that Behringer intentionally placed products into distribution in the US without first complying with FCC rules. The suspect gear, which includes, preamps, microphones, and other recording equipment, even carried the FCC symbol in some cases.

The FCC said in its recently reported ruling, "Based on the facts and circumstances before us, including the egregious nature of Behringer's continued non-compliance, we conclude that Behringer is apparently liable for a forfeiture in the amount of one million dollars($1,000,000)." For further information, visit


Jeff said...

The general consensus is that the EU standards are more stringent than the FCC standards, hence any unit that passes EU (as all of Behringer's do) will automatically pass the FCC standards.

This isn't a matter of protecting the public from purchasing products that don't pass FCC standards, this is a matter of FCC demanding, "Pay us anyway."


Bob Crowley said...

Hi Jeff

The EC standards are so similar to part 15 that the two tests can usually be made at the same time. The limits are slightly different for different frequencies. I've been involved in this type of testing for years. I would not say that the CE test is more difficult than FCC. Behringer was asked politely at first, to do the testing, they said essentially FU to the FCC, and now they have to pay the penalty for flaunting the regs. In the meantime you saved some money on your Feedback Destroyer Pro. I have one too.

Now when you take your generic, untested offshore ibuprofin after a day of hackney arts and sciences, don't you feel better that the guy who oversaw the regulations allowing the factory make that pill has been replaced?