Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crowley and Tripp and TRUE Systems offering a Package Deal

Now here's a decent shot of me standing next to Tim Spencer, the man behind TRUE Systems, conveniently located in Tucson Arizona, the site of the recent, very successful Tape Op Con 2006 and 2007 conferences at the luxurious Hilton el Conquistador resort in N Tucson.

Tim and I have been chatting about mics and preamps for well over a year now, and when we got in his new P-SOLO Ribbon preamp, a very low-noise, compact, well designed, and good sounding preamp, we were eager to try it with the Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye Ribbon Microphone. Our curiosity about all things electrical and audio led us to reason that the combination of a low noise, high output ribbon microphone with a low noise, high gain ribbon mic pre would result in "even more".

It does indeed.

I was pleased that the clean sound of the P-SOLO Ribbon added even more dynamic range while maintaining an excellent low level sensitivity and transparency on quiet sources, with gain to spare, and excellent headroom. Naked Eye and the P-SOLO Ribbon are already reasonably priced and selling well, so in the spirit of more being more, we thought it would be appropriate for us to recommend this package and take a little off the package price too. This, we thought, (correctly) would get some of the ribbon doubters off the fence for good. The P-SOLO will work well with other ribbon mics, even the vintage ones, and the Naked Eye is known for having a high enough output for just about any preamp, so you can have it all, not be locked in, and save some of that Summer money for, say, a trip to The Cape, which will cost you.

Check out the deal here at Crowley and Tripp
and here at TRUE Systems

Or ask your dealer.

ps: Check out the color of the P-SOLO and the Naked Eye together. An interesting, somehow appropriate color scheme.

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