Saturday, July 07, 2007

Elevtrovoice 926 "Slim" Crystal Microphone - War of the Worlds Style

Also fitted with a dynamic element and called the 623, this cool die-cast EV mic has several remarkable components including a wonderfully made knuckle that fits well and is smooth, and a drawn plated brass end cap with the three "War of the Worlds" eyes.

The crystal element is the typical aluminum plate attached to some rochelle salt in the center.

A lot of hand work went into the deflashing and smoothing of this mic prior to plating, and then perhaps after to make everything fit well. Stated response is 60-8000 Hz. I haven't tried it but it is a handsome addition to the microphonium museum of Ashland. This EV 926 probably has a telephonic sound, if it still works. Rochelle salts are prone to damage from heat, and moisture, and this mic has been around for a long time.

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Anthony Anzaldua said...

I bought one of these 926's off ebay. I think its missing the crystal element and might be missing other things as well. I want to fix it no matter what i have to do. Got any advice?