Friday, July 06, 2007

Ribbon Microphone Transformers

The transformer in a ribbon microphone must be designed and built to be efficient, sound good, have low noise pickup, and produce a healthy output voltage. And it must be matched to the mechanical, electrical and acoustic properties of the ribbon mic.

These qualities sometimes fight each other. For instance, if the transformer is to have high output, then it probably needs to have a high turns ratio, but that can raise the noise floor.

People have asked us to sell these to them separately, but we would have to charge about $250- to $300 each to make it worthwhile, and they wouldn't necessarily be right as a retrofit for any other ribbon microphone. Mixing and swapping out ribbon mic transformers is interesting and many people do it. As far as we know, our ribbon mic transformer is unique among ribbon mics since it isn't a traditional audio transformer design.


craig said...

Do you have worker Gnomes that
wind those transformers for you?

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Craig,

Haha - We don't have gnomes, elves or even interns. The people who do the work are generally overqualified but prefer the creative working environment, being involved in product creation and development, and they have various business, engineering and other degrees and quite a bit of experience.

Anonymous said...


I'll give you 250

I want to try one

Let me know here and if you are willing I will send money.

Anonymous said...

People do not understand them at all, and think that a brand like jensen means that it sounds good. So far from the truth it is unbelievable. But that is true with all "brands".