Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Telefunken Spaceball Orbiting Microphone II

I forgot that I took a different shot of the Telefunken MD 418-4 Orbiting Illuminated dynamic microphone. This odd sphere shaped mic would be perfect for your planetarium, or perhaps at the UN building, staffed by uniformed Swedish to German translators. A cool talkback mic for the control room.

Inside is an ordinary dynamic element of the European variety, with very thin, fragile wires, held with some tape that is now turning to dust. The crumblies have also hit the internal foam. This unit seems to have the original grain of wheat incandescent bulb mounted in glaring position to the user, possibly a stage-frightened speaker who might have to ad lib because he cannot read his notes. Here, and in the earlier picture here, I masked off the bulb with a little square of red electrical tape to get a nicer effect, but enough light went through to still cause a glare. If you click on the image to zoom in, you can spot it. The Telefunken name brand is still a bit of a conundrum: Telefunken used to be a bit like the GE of Europe and they made all kinds of equipment, mostly electrical. There is a Telefunken USA, no connection to the old Telefunken of yore, and there are still toasters and other appliances being sold in Europe and other parts of the globe under the Telefunken brand.


Anonymous said...

HI Bob, how did you adapt the 7 pin connector? Did you keep the remote function?
How much power are you sending to the bulb at what current? Thinking of adapting from USB power

Cheers, Steve

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Steve
Mine just has four wires coming out. Two are for the lamp, about 2V as I recall depending on how bright you want it to be. The other two for the mic - which in this case doesn't seem to work. But they are fun!