Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Zarks

I'm not sure what a Zark is, but that's our ubiquitous pal Larry Killip on the left. The plaid pants give away the era of this historical artifact. Click on the image for more 1960s Garage Band photos from NZ.


Larry (Zark left) said...

Back in the late 50's very early 60's in New Zealand to "Zark" was to "party hard out there", along with "lear" which was to "play up - borderline trouble making". These terms were used by local jazz musicians of the time and because our first bass player had a big brother who was a Jazz dude, we picked up on his language.

Nowdays there are "Zarks" in the "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy", but we were Zarks a long time beofre that came along. I see it's sometimes used as a shortened "O'Zarks".

We were "Zarks" when all around us was the "Melody Tones" etc, not many could get their head's around this, tame as it may seem now.

Bob Crowley said...

...and you do look like a bunch of borderline trouble makers in that photo. The girls must have been all over you.

Larry said...

A true story:

I once wore the chequed trousers into town one evening,Dave,Dee,Dozey,Beakey,Mitch and Tich were in town also (remember them?) standing in a shop I heard some sniggers behind me, I turned around and there they were killing themselves over my trousers. Maybe it wasn't really my trousers, more likely the combination of me and the trousers.