Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crowley and Tripp Custom Shop - Shure 333 Ribbon with Red Screen and Black Body

Something about the Shure 333 when done up in nice semigloss black powder coat and with a candy apple red screen is very appealing.This one is a gift to a collaborator, and it has the original Shure transformer, but a different experimental ribbon in it. Since this is a hypercardioid mic, the ribbon is backed by an acoustic cushion to suppress the back lobe. Unlike the RCA 77D and DX, there is no acoustic labyrinth, only a pair of side ports to essentially redirect the back lobe out to the sides.


hypnosiscenter nyc said...

Where do I get a mic like this?
Is someone willing to sell it?

One of the most beautiful mics I've ever seen. I love my Shure SM33.

If anyone has any knowledge or willing to let go of this mic. .. please write john at trancecoach dot com thanks

Bob Crowley said...

This one is unique - there is not another one like it anywhere. I made this color scheme to be reminiscent of the Naked Eye Roswellite ribbon microphone. Because of its unique history, and the technology inside, which is revolutionary, I would suspect the price would be very very high if it was for sale at all.

hypnosiscenter nyc said...

Wow ..That's a shame. Such a Work of art and if the original ribbon element wasn't such a classic sound throughout broadcast history, I'm sure it is even more so with this upgrade. It deserves to be out there. Sitting on the desk of a network broadcaster where it could share the limelight.

Instead I bet it will end up under a glass case, never plugged in .. or a shelf collecting dust, until the owner's next generation takes possession and assumes it's just a cute novelty item .. not appreciating it.

Well Bob .. what a beautiful reworking (both aesthetically and scientifically) of an incredible, sounding, workhorse classic .

Bob Crowley said...

It gets used by the owner though I do not know how much. I am sure it isn't under glass. It could not be "unique" unless it was the one example.