Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Microphone Microstructures

Even though Roswellite tm is getting all the attention lately, you should know that there are other "nano" acoustic materials that we are developing. And we are looking at some of the interesting phenomena that result from various heat treatment, extrusion and superplastic deformation processing steps. In particular, superplastic deformation, artistically depicted above (photoshop and some imagination), is a way to alter the shape of the molecular domains in an alloy. The Russians have been experimenting with it to strengthen aircraft aluminum, for instance, and also, amazingly, for the production of superconductors.

Imagine you are looking through semitransparent metal, and the lines and colors are the joints between the domains. They get fainter as you look back into the distance. But there are no broken joints - there can't be actually, as there is virtually no space between the various "plates" or deformed areas of elemental or molecular metals.

Some superplastic deformation may occur in the making of ordinary ribbons for ribbon mics, as sheets may be rolled ever thinner, stretching and compressing blobs of aluminum.

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