Monday, August 06, 2007

Prototype Ribbon Microphones

Summer is a busy time at Crowley and Tripp mics, with the usual production and fast growing sales, but also now with a lot more R&D than ever before.

The increased research activity is welcome, but time-consuming, and includes medical device-like test protocol development, testing, and more testing! We are very careful about design changes and want to do everything possible to determine what will happen to a new mic before we send it out to the customer.

I read on the message boards several instances where the customer became the ginuea pig for a mic manufacturer. All the explaining in the world couldn't fix the misunderstanding which was about the fact that the mic being talked about was only a photo model and not the real thing. An unfinished product has to be very carefully controlled and only used by people who have been briefed on its unfinished characteristic.

Above are two mics you will never be able to buy. They are converted test mules used for various experiments. The tape label is a dead giveaway that these aren't the final product.

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