Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Cyrillic is kind of cool looking and not that hard to read. Here is the word "RADIO" in Cyrillic. The P has an "R" sound. The funny looking big A has a "D" sound. The backwards N has a "EEE" sound and the O sounds like and "Oh". Raaadeeoh.

Here is the great artwork of early 60's Soviet Space program propaganda, showing male and female cosmonauts standing in provocative poses. It is interesting to cover their heads and see the very subtle male vs female shape cues, almost nonexistent, put there by the unknown artist.

Russia claimed to be ahead of the US in equality issues during the Krushchev era. Communism claimed a lot of things, equality one of them.

That dynamic space tower in the background of course appealed to the Russian radio hams who engaged in "radiosports" closely watched over by the Kremlin. Something about the style of this is appealing today and collectors seek original Soviet artwork for its bold style and spirit.

Check out the Women's Audio Mission logo no doubt taken from the same era of Soviet glory.

To see a cool Lomo microphone marked in Cyrillic click here.

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craig said...

Looks like a pair of "No Code" Generals!