Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Here are some aluminum rods cut and drilled to make chimes. It turns out that the hardness of the aluminum affects the chime tone and its ability to ring greatly. First I tried some precision ground 7 series aluminum, but that cost over $35 a rod! Way too much, I thought, so I ordered some 6 series, and they are almost - not quite - as good. These are tuned to just over 10K.

Why are we making chimes? Stay tuned for the answer.


Jeff said...

Are these for the Irwin L. Richardt memorial wind chimes that will be given away for attendance prizes at the October NEAR-Fest?

Anonymous said...

could be a handy test device for your various microphones. If the chimes were carefully handled and rung you could compare each mike output to each other mike and have a kind of standard. Several of these chimes of different size together could test each octave range. You could then automate the response for some predetermined range and you would have a go- no go acceptance test. Could save a lot of time. There are of course several caveats but looks to me like there is promise here. N1IPP

Michelle said...

I found your website by putting aluminium rod chimes into google search! Im looking for cheap ones of these ideally where the hole is already drilled. Have you seen the meditation bells that are one of these rods put onto a block of wood?
If you know a cheap source Im in the UK