Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crowley and Tripp Firsts in Ribbon Microphones

First ribbon microphone with true dual voicing
Naked Eye
Technology: Two separate acoustic circuits int he sound chamber with a centered, symmetric ribbon.

First Ribbon Microphone with output higher than dynamics
Studio Vocalist
Technology: Ultra efficient ttransformers, magnetic and extremely low loss Ohmic connections.

First ribbon microphone with a rising vocal response
Studio Vocalist
Voiced sound circuit and acoustic impedance matching at the element.

First phantom power, plosive, and air blast safe ribbon microphone
el Diablo
Technology: Roswellite (acoustic nanofilm) superelastic paramagnetic composite.

1 comment:

craig said...

OEM mics = junk! IMHO
Sadly it's one of the areas they could spend a little more money on to make a BIG improvement in the audio.