Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Heavy Hauling and Rigging

That red object on the big flatbed is a CNC mill that was delivered to our lab. It looks fairly small in the picture, but it barely fit under the loading dock door, and a wall section had to be removed to get it into the machine shop. Hugh Tripp looks on. There was less than an inch of ceiling clearance in spots and the ceiling itself had to be raised at the final location of the machine. You can see the size of the machine, and the jumbo forklift that rolled it in, if you click on the image.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is time for larger quarters...N1IPP

Bob Crowley said...

Are you suggesting we move that thing again?!!??

That was a Haas Mill. Gene Haas pled guilty to tax evasion and faces two years in jail, which I think is a severe sentence. A more just sentence would be for the judge to order Haas to release the unlock codes that cripple all Haas machines owned by those who have not paid the "upgrade" charges. It's a game - they sell you the machine with everything in it, but then you have to keep going back to pay them to use all the features that are there to begin with.

If the judge granted all US owners the unlock codes, it would make up for the government's loss in tax revenue as productivity would go up, and more taxes would be paid.