Saturday, September 08, 2007


Starting from the left, going clockwise, microphone, microscope, microtome, micrometer thimble, microhenry inductor, micrometer.

You are probably familiar with all but the microtome, which is used for slicing very thin specimens, often mounted in wax. A precision piston moves up and down controlled by a big micrometer thimble.

That nice microscope is a Leitz, just about the best there was at the time it was made in the mid 1900s, and this one is a real gem, with a beautiful black and brushed chrome finish, precision stage, and collimated illuminator with a precision iris.

The micrometer is a Starrett, made in Athol, Massachusetts.

The microphone is an early test mule we made. It has housed various transducers and has a bottom XLR held in a piece of cherry wood that has been lathe turned and stained black to match the rest. Quite an Art Deco or Art Moderne style I think.

Micro = millonths. Now that the 1900s are over and Microsoft and many others have come and gone, we are in the Nano period. If you google nano you will see so many "nano" companies, and it might remind you of the DOT.COM craze a few years back. Nano = billionths. One thing most nano companies share today, at least, is nano income! But stay tuned as the 21st Century is still young and it will take a little more time for people to let go of the good old 1900s.

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