Thursday, September 27, 2007

Naked Eye LIVE with Roswellite

A Naked Eye LIVE with Roswellite getting some serious testing on our heavily modded Guild with the pair of 7027a Tung Sols and various other tricks, including a power supply with double the original peak current rating. I'm amazed such a small combo can make so much good sound and it seems to like the 60th anniversary strat that we keep as a knock around here in the lab, along with other beat-up instruments.

This mic sounds like a a Naked Eye Classic. It has the same dual tones and dense thick bottom, and it comes with our new Roswellite tm ribbon material, which means that air blasts, plosives, and other mechanical and electrical perturbations won't bother the ribbon, at all. Unlike Naked Eye Classic, Naked Eye LIVE with Roswellite is aimed specifically at road use. It has the same output levels and doesn't rely on thick ribbons to do this - a thick ribbon is just as likely to get bent and stay that way as a thin one. We looked at that and long ago decided that the only way to improve the ribbon material is to concentrate on the material properties, not just the thickness. Roswellite has even better speed than aluminum, and responds well to delicate and soft sounds as well or better than the traditional "foils", but keeps its shape, no matter what.

We realize that it wasn't until the advent of nanotechnology and nano-engineered materials that engineers could actually do something about the too-fussy ribbon of yore. If Harry F Olson had some Roswellite, he would have used it instead of the Alcoa foil used by RCA. It would have led to even more improvements to ribbon mics at an earlier time also. That's the way it goes in technology development - often one has to wait until some new machine, method or material is invented to finally get it right.

It is my sincerest hope that someday, someone, some genius, will find a way to get rid of windshield wipers, which I hate. At least we are on the road to eliminating "foils".

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