Thursday, October 04, 2007

AES NY October 5-8

OK, off to New York to stay at some fabulous luxury hotel probably with a view of a brick wall or some alley. (actually I got a good room on the 37th that looks out on 34th) Good thing we'll be busy showing off el Diablo in addition to our ever expanding line up of quality ribbon microphones. This year we will have a separate listening station for the Recordists in Blumlein fashion, a startlingly realistic demo of what kind of sound panorama that kind of simple yet effective setup can produce. You have to hear it to appreciate the realism, depth and accuracy. We love it.

Also there will be some prototypes to show, as usual, as there even more new things to come. If you want to see it, take the train in on the weekend and visit us at booth 772.

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