Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Mic Nuts for Big Mic Nuts

"In our efforts to rethink every aspect of mic stand design, we felt that microphone jam nuts have been shortchanged by every stand manufacturer in the world."

Those poor ordinary nuts!

Jam Nuts, made by LatchLake Music from Minnesota eh, are our kind of thing. Big, strong, plenty of meat, and made to last a long time. Knowing this, people like Jeff Roberts tend toward the humorous, their legacies assured by the fact that their excellent product will be around well into the next century. (I mean 2100) But it takes serious thinking to look at what is out there and say "hey, that old way is a piece of crap, and I know how to do it better" and then actually make it and sell it.

Jeff Roberts does that.

You want to see a mic stand made to last? Go here.

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