Tuesday, October 09, 2007

el Diablo in the Wires

This is not a real test setup - just a quick shot of an el Diablo mockup sitting atop a low resistance tester that appears to have been made sometime around WW2. A mockup is the term for a thing that looks like a product, but isn't, and in this case is just a black shell with stick on lettering. Not much at all like the finished mic in detail, but accurate in form. This picture was taken quite a while ago.

I am wiped out from AES. It was a very successful show for us. All of the mics had high interest and the Recordist, el Diablo, Naked Eye and Studio Vocalist owners and owners-to-be told me a lot about applications. We had one person come to the booth who owns three Prosceniums, and he proceeded to rattle off the serial numbers of each one!

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