Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday at AES

Wow what a busy day, tons of people at the booth looking at el Diablo, shaking little el Diablo dolls, telling us how neat the mic looks once they have it in hand, and giving us the look like "hmmm, maybe I'm gonna buy one of these" that we've learned to recognize.

Over at the Mercenary booth they are playing "The el Diablo Video" which includes a song about el Diablo and it is truly well done and very appropriate, and people are loving it. Great shot of Hugh Tripp in it, and the over the top song, well, you gotta hear and watch the video. They also have the video of us abusing some Roswellite that has implications for those caught unprepared.It is surprising and I will post an even better one when we get back.

The video should be up on YouTube, either now or eventually, so if you go there and search for el diablo mercenary tripp crowley some such terms you might find it. Here it is! Sean Eldon is terrific, and a really nice guy.

Yesterday went by in a flash. I looked at my watch thinking it was about lunchtime, and it was actually 3:30. AES was very well attended and there was steady booth traffic. Chris and I are both hoarse already from giving demos, and the demo setup, which now looks like a candelabra on steroids, is working perfectly, all the mics lined up with el Diablo contrasting nicely.

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