Saturday, October 13, 2007

Halloween Tendril Suspension Mount for Naked Eye Pumpkin Ribbon Microphone

Here's an interesting color and design exercise with a black Naked Eye, a pumpkin orange grille, and a pumpkin vine tendril shock mount. This fantasy microphone does not actually exist as it looks here, but instead is partly the result of some image manipulation. A few of these mics around some cobwebs and and tombstones would have a nice look, I think. Who knows what sounds they might pick up in the moonlight?

Fall is definitely in the air here in Massachusetts today. The Red Sox dominated Cleveland last night and I am afraid that the ALCS is going to be a bit of a snooze.

Barking Pumpkin Records was Frank Zappa's label during his later years, long after the Verve era, Bizarre and DiscReet labels. Frank has been gone for over a decade, a victim of prostate cancer. His influence is still felt and the spirit of Zappa's music, which has a lot of angles to it, even showed up recently in Sean Eldon's "El Diablo" theme song. Pumpkin seeds were once thought to contain a substance that promoted prostate health.

"Call any Vegetable" is a favorite of mine, and a fairly paradigmatic Zappa composition.


sunflute said...

Now, do these new cool looking naked eyes have the Roswellite ribbon material? That would be pretty cool.

Bob Crowley said...

This isn't a real Naked Eye - Just a design idea,with an oddball color.

You should see Hugh Tripp's "Psycho Lime" creations. Wow!

As you might have read in this blog and in the news, Roswellite has a cost associated with it that would mean raising the price. In some applications, like el Diablo, where the user must be able to mic an instrument with an SPL of about 140dB at 30 Hz, the cost is justified. Over time I expect the cost to moderate, but not go away altogether.

Do you really think an orange version of Naked Eye is good looking? How about that filigree mount shape?

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Cleveland whooped the Sox tonight!

Bob Crowley said...

I'm glad there's a contest. Now it is going to get interesting!