Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marco Granados - Music of Venezuela CD now on YouTube and CDBaby

"Un Mundo Ensemble" is formed by a group young, virtuoso Latin American musicians banded together to bring forth the excitement, passion and energy of the beautiful music of Venezuela. This music is filled with happy, joyous and fun filled rhythms that always leave audiences wanting for more. Venezuelan music is characterized by the use of fast melodies, complex rhythms and well as jazzy harmonies, giving it a flavor that is truly a blend of tradition with sophistication. A lot of the arrangements are virtuosic in nature, giving the performers ample opportunity to display mastery on their instruments and the styles performed represent the typically forms most commonly enjoyed by the Venezuelan listener.

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sunflute said...

Thank you so much Bob,

The Cd is also on Itunes as well. It just made it there yesterday and the CD page on Amazon is up already. Thank you so much for the plug.