Friday, October 05, 2007

More from AES

Chris Regan and I took Amtrak from Boston to Penn Station and got in around 3pm, found the hotel, checked in, and headed over to the Javitz Center to set up.

AES hadn't registered us, so we waited while they figured out who we were to get us some badges, though in the show office they already had a roving pass for Crowley and Tripp printed and ready to go. That's so either of us can attend the sessions on whatever it is that is on the AES "scientific" program.

The boxes we shipped on Friday and the booth were where they were supposed to be, in a heap on a pallet, dinged and dented, but intact, at booth 772. We got all set up and realized that booth didn't have power, which we ordered in advance. A trip to the AES office yielded little consolation, but the Javitz electrical foreman has promised to get us our "500 Watt Drop" by 7:30 this morning.

We have been getting a ton of traffic on our website - way more than ever, and last week we shipped more than ever, too.

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success is hard to deal with