Monday, October 29, 2007

Notice via UPS

We get a UPS bill nearly every day. No other company on earth bills as frequently as UPS. Obviously we are not going to write a check every day for each UPS bill and prefer to pay it once per month, which is customary. This does not deter UPS from sending their many bills which we pile up among other less frequent bills such as insurance, machining, plating, materials and other supplies.

Here, Chris Regan seems to turn the tables with a mass UPS mailing of offers of licenses to virtually every microphone maker on earth. Good to our promise, and just like we said, we would offer Roswellite around the time of its commercialization. This was a lot of work! Not only that, each letter had to be individually addressed and signed, which gave me a mild case of writer's cramp, something I haven't suffered since my last college finals, way way back.

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