Saturday, October 06, 2007


More of the same except even more people telling us we are the only ones with something new to be seen at the show. Lots of little el Diablo dolls went around. More dealers looking to carry the line. Chris seemed to do a hundred demos nonstop.

But I think the most interesting thing I am hearing is from Studio Vocalist users.

"makes the 47 sound like the 57" (again)
"none of that harsh top is a relief"
"I thought it was going to be a once in a while mic, but now I use it all the time"
"60 billable hours" (what, is this guy a lawyer?)
"you guys have a something happening here"
it's about time that someone invented something new" (in ribbon mics)

Also, it seems we moved a lot of el Diablos .The Mercenary guys including Mercenary's new CEO James Callahan were quite pleased with the customer response too.

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Gordon said...

Phenomenal setup, the energy was so good at your booth. El Diablo looks killer. I'm saving my wages and diverting my food budget to order. Keep it up!