Friday, October 26, 2007

XLR Mothership

If you want to make absolutely sure that you have a firm, solid mount for your XLR fitted mic, this is what you need.

Actually, you probably don't need a microphone cup like this one, built by Hugh Tripp, but we do. There are a number of tests and experiments that call for a precise and perfectly shielded connection as there are many external factors such as noise and the powerful AM radio station nearby that can get into the signal and interfere with our careful measurements of noise floor and self noise.

We are pleased to report that the self noise of all of our mics is near or at the theoretical level determined by the output impedance. Since our maximum output Z is no more than 200 Ohms at any frequency, we can safely say the self noise is in the 9dB range, which is indeed very, very low!

That orange button is a genuine Catalin plastic knob machined by Hugh out of old plastic stock we found at an antique radio show. Catalin is sometimes erroneously called "Bakelite", but is a different species of thermoset polymer resin. Bakelite the material is a thermoset powder.

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