Tuesday, November 13, 2007

el Diablo Reviews and Update

Now that a bunch of el Diablos are "out there" and being used, we expect to get a lot of user feedback, comments, revelations and discoveries, plus people asking for demo units, review units for magazines, and for other purposes.

The magazine reviews take a lot of time to make it to print. The writer has to do his homework, write the piece, then the editor has to put it all together, check it, then the publication date is set, the files put together, the magazine gets printed, and finally makes it to the newsstand or the mail. A year can pass.

We don't have time for that.

Here are the comments that we are getting from users, and here and there, my comments on the comments.

"Works as advertised"
Believe it or not, this is the one we worry about sometimes. Once you send a product out, no matter how well or completely you test it, something unexpected goes wrong. Nothing has.

"Very Versatile"

"Surprisingly high output"

"I don't like the look."
Order a stainless steel version

"I like the look."
Buy this one

"looks great in person"
Yellow and black shown here next to Mercenary's colors. Fire up the Harley.

"Stupendous bass response"
The high excursion ribbon is nothing like the old "foils" in this important area.

"A bit expensive"
Well, what do you want? You know how much Roswellite cost to develop?

"There is nothing else like it on the market today" ver cable was sold through guitar center

"What will happen to the old foil mics?"
This is perhaps the most intriguing comment of all.

Stay tuned for more.....
crowley and tripp ribbon microphones not royer RCA


Gordon said...

Yes, but is it coated with nano-paint to block out interference?

craig said...

How about some audio samples posted somewhere so we can hear the product?

Bob Crowley said...

I'm sure someone will post samples, but to be honest, samples online are a waste of time. I think you have to try the mic out in your situation.

Mercenary will let you do that if you are really interested. Just call them.

Bob Crowley said...

The black coating is indeed a nanoparticle-based powder.

It does not, however, attenuate anything except light, which is why it looks black.

craig said...

Is the Roswellite in the same thickness range of other ribbon foils?

Sean said...

Audio sample? How about video and audio sample of me cutting an entire song with the mic? YouTube does some very offensive stuff to the audio, but if you don't "get the point" immediately, you aren't gonna get it ever.

So here you go, enjoy: Sean Eldon - "el Diablo"

Sean Eldon
Mercenary Audio
TEL: +1 508-543-0069
FAX: +1 508-543-9670
"this is not a problem"
Mercenary® reg US Pat & TM off.

Bob Crowley said...

The thickness of Roswellite can be varied depending on the application. The most important thing is the mass and the elastic modulus of the material. Yes Roswellite is in the microns range! You need special equipment to measure ribbons properly. I saw a website where they use a dial gage - that won't and doesn't have the needed resolution for measuring the thickness of a ribbon. One way is with gage blocks and a gage block comparator, another is with SEM. We use some of both. Also it is possible to accurately measure the thickness of a material of a density using the weight and the area.

Anonymous said...

Bob, do you really think that the standard ribbon will go away eventually?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good mic, too expensive though and good for people who have to have tough mics thats' my two cents thanks for letting me try it over and out. TD
ps you have the good stuff compaired with the other

Bob Crowley said...

Well, it is a bit pricey, but compared to a u47fet, which it can be compared with, it's a bargain.

IMHO - the tops on a U47fet aren't nearly as clean as el Diablo. They have about the same noise floor, the low bass region has a much much bigger dynamic range. Huge in fact. How much is a U47fet these days?