Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hitachi LOVE Pendant Transistor Radio

36 or 37 years ago, Hitachi wasn't a very well known brand in the US. But the psychedelic era led to some creative product opportunities, including this lavender and white Hitachi LOVE pendant radio. Pendant radios were the portable fad of the time: Usually a 6 or 7 transistor, 9 Volt battery AM set, capable of bringing in medium wave signals, and usually tuned to Drake Top 40 stations of the time like Boston's WRKO 680 AM.

Pendants were electronics that could be worn, on a strap. An accessory, a fashion statement, hung on the doorknob, or over the bean bag chairs near the beaded curtain. You are looking at the advent of portable electronics as Fashion, a trend continued today, presently (and fleetingly) with the iPhone.

Pendants were often "not rectangular". The sphere, the disk, ovoid, egg and other more modern and less rigid forms were in vogue during this time of free love when everything was possible and consequences seemed few. Notice the apple motif - perhaps a reference to The Beatles label, Apple Records, which was extremely popular at that time, (but not the Capitol/Parlophone release of "I am the Walrus" that I heard first through some tinny two inch speaker. John Lennon's nasal, restricted and telephonic voice fit perfectly into this band-limited medium of the time, a logical precursor of the equally maligned MP3 format.)

Look at that dial! The pointer moves under a clear plastic window, housing a balloon like, exaggerated psyhedelic style font. Click on the image to zoom in on the very special, detailed pointer. This is Japanese plastimania at its peak, and is a treasured object among my 200+ transistor radio collection.


Anonymous said...

Very nice I have never seen one of these before that I can recall and I lived through the era too. N1IPP

Anonymous said...

do you plan on selling your radios?