Saturday, November 03, 2007

IEEE and microphones from the 50s

I am a dues paying member of ieee and usually have some issues with their publications, though I appreciate and read them with interest.

Here is a link to their write up about microphones, which bothered me a bit.

Below is a note that I emailed to ieee about that write up on their site:


I am pleased to see the history of technology and electronics in ieee. I do
however have to point out that the article on microphones is quite out of date
and fails to even acknowledge the numerous improvements to microphone and
transducer devices since the 1950s. It would appear that the author is a fan of
old microphones -I am too - but they hardly represent the state-of-the-art, and
the assertion that microphones somehow peaked in the 1950s is erroneous.

Might I suggest looking at the following links

among many others, for an up-to-date view of modern microphones, how the use,
character and value of microphones have changed, and contributed to the ever
expanding lexicon of sound, well beyond that of mere specifications. In
addition, areas such as S/N, human tailored response, and spatial techniques
have changed radically, since the 50s.


Robert J Crowley

FWIW that's what I sent them. Hey, I'm from the 50s too! A lot of good stuff was going on then, like this innovation, which allowed concealment of the microphone and electronics.

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