Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lafayette Desk Dynamic

The Turner "Plus 2" microphone was one of the more popular CB mics of the early 70s, and this Lafayette Desk dynamic mic, with a momentary push-to-talk switch and a hold or lock button, is designed to look a lot like the prized Turner. In place of Turner's Mohawk fin, Lafayette chose louvers on each side of the streamlined, windswept capsule, mounted on a tilted stanchion not unlike the outboard engines of the USS Enterprise.

The body of this mic is made on one large die casting, plus a die cast, chromed grill, and a bottom plate. It is unamplified, and unmarked! I would have to look through my old Lafayette catalogs to come up with a model number. This is a favorite of mine since I collect anything radio or microphone related with the Lafayette name on it. They made some very colorful and stylish, but cheap, microphones. This one with the odd exposed pin mic connector used on the HE20-T, and who knows where else.

Crowley and Tripp Microphones

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