Monday, November 19, 2007

Mounting a Defense Against Unwanted Noise - A Preview of Things To Come

The usually wiggly suspension mount is about to be improved, thanks to this new proprietary design utilizing tensegrity - a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller - to create a high mass, tension/compression structure with a very low resonant frequency.

Apparently, not a lot of thought has gone into the lowly mounts you see all over, and that's not s surprise since most of them are given away for free. Then there are the best mounts starting at

$250 and up. "There has to be a better way and a middle ground" we said to engineer Des Fyler, who has the benefit of Solidworks on a high powered worktsation here at the lab, and knows how to use it.

Her elegant, "Fulleresque" solution: A combination of things (isn't that always the way?) Heavier compression arms, optimized angles, calculated tension, rigidity where it should be, compliance where it is needed to shunt unwanted vibrations that may travel up the mic stand column. Such a simple thing, yet so overlooked. Until now, and soon to be offered with a premium microphone, due out soon.

Sorry for the tease, sometimes it just has to be done. BTW, the distinctive angled "Rectilinear Bridge", "Four Square' style mount is copyright 2007, Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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