Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Art of the Unseen World

While I was surfing for SEM services a while back I came across all kinds of analytical labs, and as an art collector and sometimes visual artist, I have always been fascinated with photomcrography as a possible art form. I recently spotted this on a linkback to the microphonium blog, in a post about Roswellite in Electrical Audio.

Much of what you see presented by Nikon, for example, as art, is certainly art of the pretty picture category. Only occasionally very colorful or with too-intense fluorescent greens and reds, the Nikon site is stunning.

But I think this is more interesting: Here is a picture of Renee Robbins and Ben Meyers flyer from last year, thumbnailed. Strangely, the link didn't work when I tried it, but a design company does, so I linked the image to Ben Myers site, which has more related images. Not to make comparisons, but I think the top image reminds me of Pavel Tcheletchew's "Hide and Seek which is in the permanent collection of MOMA. I want to see more of these and the monochrome, landscape-like nano images.

Here is a link to their flyer announcing this show.

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