Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best Microphonium Posts of 2007

I look at 2007 as a transitional time when our mic biz started to get even more interesting as we introduced a number of innovations, some minor, and some possibly important.

The blog has been a way to toss out ideas and remarks about any aspect of microphony, and it has been fun to see the reactions to some. The top post of 2006 was "The Myth of the Ribbon Microphone" which concluded the year in a bit of useful controversy, and now it's time to choose the best (or worst or most significant) of 2007.

Here are my picks:
This one is about "the gas pedal RCA". I like the picture more than anything.
This one is about optical and audio illusions. I think I was on to something when I suddenly made a sharp left, and the post turned into a rant.
An early favorite is this shot of an old magazine, and the humorous juxtaposition of "elements".
The search term "testing" results in a good selection, maybe because we do a lot of that.

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