Thursday, December 27, 2007

EV V1A Ribbon Microphone Explosion

The Electrovoice V1A ribbon microphone is not one of my favorites, but it is a handsome mic with some interesting die-cast and fabricated parts.

The screens are formed somewhat like an RCA 44; two halves are held in place by edge clamps shaped like small wings which you can see in the upper right.

The magnet is this cylindrical job connected to a pair of parallel pole pieces seen at top center. The black thing is the magnet, which appears to be an old voice coil magnet with a hole for a screw that holds the pole pieces in place. Electrovoice made many loudspeakers through the vintage era, and probably had plenty of cylinder-shaped magnets, which they put to use here.

The yoke, mid right, and the two bottom halves, and the surrounding support for the pole pieces, upper left next to the screen, are all made of die-cast potmetal. I cannot figure out why they thought it was necessary to cast the two long plates where the steel pole pieces go, as they would have been held perfectly well with the four screws.

That transformer is a real gizmo that defies conventional ribbon microphone construction, as it is wound as an autotransformer. This device would render any aluminum ribbon to shreds if connected to phantom power, as there is a direct DC path to the ribbon, which is highly unusual, to say the least! I've commented on the sound of this microphone in other posts here. All in all, a handsome collectible mic to place next to the Argonne AR-57, or to be used for Ham Radio applications where nostalgia trumps performance.

Click on the image for an explicit view of the parts.


Anonymous said...

this is a very bugget microphone and a design thats klugie.

Anonymous said...

I have one and it sounds like there is nothing above 5K

Anonymous said...

I too like the style of this microphone very much, but found it to be very poor sounding.