Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas from Larry Killip

Best to all, my one size fits all card attached.
A nice end to this year for me, I have just found my song "Never Going Back" from my new album has entered the "Underground Top 40" at (Independant Artist Company)

Iac Music is the biggest independant artist site on the net, Billboard magazine use this site to rate indie artists. If you go there you'll see the link to the "Undergorund Top 40" in plain view top 3rd column, their other chart is the "KIAC big 50". UT40 is more for eclectic songs as against the KIAC big 50 for straight up Rock/Pop/Alt. If you look top right you'll see how many people have hit the site in the last hour or so. It's pretty huge.
The IAC site changes background everytime you visit, nice feature.
I currently sit at number 37 in the Underground Top 40.

Merry Christmas

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LarryK said...

Made a small error, it's Cashbox magazine not Billboard that take their indie charts from IAC. As I write this my song "I Wanna Be Free" is hovering just under the top 10, if it makes it into the 10 then bingo I'm on the Cashbox website and magazine charts.

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